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Shavings Horse Bedding

Our online store has a broad selection of horse bedding and accessories. This includes a choice of shavings horse bedding essentials. Brands such as Bedmax produce shavings that are dust free.

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Stabled horses can often suffer from respiratory problems that are a result of dust from their bedding. Initially this will be an irritant, but can become worse, creating an allergic reaction. This in turn causes an inflammation of the respiratory passages, reducing lung capacity. Ensuring that horse bedding is dust free is very important.

Bedmax is one such brand that produces quality pine shavings horse bedding products. With these, and other shavings in our range such as Dutch Royalspan Woodshavings, we can offer bedding with greatly reduced dust. This is down to how the shavings are worked on before they begin further processing. With a stringent process of de-dusting, this makes the bedding wood shavings better for the horse's health and wellbeing.

Absorbency is also very important when choosing bedding, and woodshavings are ideal. Woodshavings for horse bedding are incredibly absorbent, making them very efficient and cost effective. This makes mucking out an easier process, maintaining higher levels of hygiene.

We have varying sizes and weights of shavings for horse bedding, including the shavings from Wooburn. These 100% pine wood shavings offer a soft and comfortable bed for the horse, with dust free treatments.

Shop online for these and other equestrian products at our online store now.

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