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Wood Shavings

Pureflake Extra Woodshavings

Large flake white woodshavings. Dust extracted an

HUNTER Woodshavings 25kg

Hunter Woodshavings are the perfect choice for hi

Snowflake Softchip 22kg

Snowfake Softchip is a popular alternative to trad

Bedmax 20kg

BEDMAX shavings are purpose made to provide a bedd

Comfybed Plus 24kg

We are pleased to confirm that Greenwood Forest P

Bed-Down Excel Plus - Classic Bale 20kg

Bed-Down Excel Plus horse bedding has been develop

Bed-Down Lavender - Classic Bale 20kg

Bed-Down Lavender Shavings horse bedding is manufa

Bed-Down Pure Shavings - Classic Bale 20kg

Bed-Down Pure Shavings horse bedding is manufactur

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