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Performance Supplements

NAF EnerG Shot 30ml

EnerG Shot is a concentrated nutritional blend of

NAF VitaFerrin 1 Litre

Optimises performance Iron rich Fortified wi

NAF VitaFerrin 4 Litre

Optimises performance Iron rich Fortified wi

Equine America Propell Plus 1 Litre

High levels of work and competition can leave som

Equine America V-Biotic 908g

Super concentrated V-Biotic® - a premium gra

Equine America Apple Lytes 1.8kg

When horses work and sweat they lose vital electro

Equine America Copper Plx 908g

Copper, which is present in all body cells, aids

Equine America Tyegard 1 Litre

Fast exercise produces lactic acid in the muscle

Equine America Bute-Less High Strength 1 Litre

Equine America Buteless High Strength (Equine)

Global Herbs LymphBlend 1kg

LymphBlend is designed to provide nutrition to as

Global Herbs Muscle Up 1kg

Get top-line FAST This product is based on

Global Herbs Fenugreek 1kg

Fenugreek is a useful supplement to help your hor

Global Herbs Iron-Aid Liquid 1L

Iron-Aid is a highly effective formula designed f

Global Herbs ReStore Liquid 1Ltr

A liver tonic which revives, helps with movement,

Global Herbs MoveFree Plus 1kg

MovefreePlus is the only HA-like herbal formula t
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